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The strict collaboration between PEDROLLO SPA and its partner trades, is one of the milestones that partially justify the success of the company. And it is for this reason that PEDROLLO SPA is proud to inform that the 6 November 2008 has been inaugurated the new point of distribution for the Serbian market together to our local distributor ELEKRODUROVIC. The day of inauguration has been carried out to teaches of the joy between the sell out customers and the training on our products. This last one through a Sales Technical Conference that has seen the participation of beyond 100 persons whom they by piece represented approximately 70 points of sale in all the territory of the Serbia, and an showing dedicated to the products of the PEDROLLO SPA near the new and prestigious center of our distributor. PEDROLLO SPA through its representation, present to the event, in order to thanks for the prestigious collaboration our distributor have delivered a commemorative plate for the optimal organization of the event and for the prefixed future targets of collaboration.

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